Starting seeds

Starting seeds is a specialty in the field of aquaponics, and recommended for growers.

We are seed collectors.

What this means, is that  when we find a heirloom breed of hardy seeds, we sacrifice the fruit or vegetables, or let the plant go to seed, and capture as many as we can.  Beefsteak tomatoes a re a great heirloom variety for this purpose. Heirloom, is a word that means it is a generational plant, one that has been handed down through planting generations. Hybrids are not heirloom seeds. And very often, if you save seeds from a hybrid plant, they will not grow. Many of the hybrids are developed to be hardy in certain climates and under certain temperature conditions, but many will not grow again when you save the seeds. Some will, you may have to experiment with seeds from hybrids to see how they do.

We label our seeds after we wash them off, dry them out, and package them in a small ziplock bag. We keep them in a dry cool dark location, until we are ready to bring them out and use them again.

Before we plant some of the seeds into the growing medium, we sometimes soak some of the seeds inside in warm clean (non-chlorinated) water so they get a better chance of a starting seeds boost.

Starting seeds are one of the harder things to accomplish when starting a greenhouse and a home tilapia aquaponics farm.  We prefer the single sprout methods, to more easily separate the seed sprouts after they have started.  After some growth, they can be transplanted into larger containers, with the intent to keep them in larger growing containers for future harvesting.


There are multiple ways of starting seeds for your home greenhouse and aquaponics, so you may want to try different methods and see what works best for your individual habits, schedules and personal lifestyle. Regardless, once you get into the habit of starting seeds, it gets easier with every batch you grow.




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